Sunday, 23 November 2014

Tron-like Theme for My Qiana KDE

Hey guys, recently, I was experimenting with themes in KDE and after pretty much googling and surfing, I set off to theme and tweak my KDE desktop. Here is my new theme in Qiana KDE, and I hope you all will like it.

As you can see, it has the Tron like looks. For most of the parts, Google, Noobslab, devianart helped me along with some other websites and blogs. I am summarizing the do's here. Once again I would like to state that the designs and themes are absolutely not mine and I hold no claim on the following themes and designs.
Most of the themes can be downloaded by clicking on the Get New Themes button, right there in the settings dialog box.

Let's start from the MDM theme:

Download the Round Login HTML5 theme from the following link :


Now the splash screen :

Go to System Settings → Workspace Appearance and click on the Splash Screen tab. Click on the Get New Themes button and search and install NewEssenceFinal

Window Decorations :

In the Window Decorations tab click on the Get new Decorations button, then search and install Ghost decoration.

Cursor Theme:

Click on the Cursor Theme tab and then the Get New Theme button. Search and install Tronnix.

Desktop Theme :

In the Desktop Theme tab, click the Get New Themes button and install the Ghost theme. 

Application Color :

Go to System Settings → Application Appearance and click on the Colors tab. Install the Ghost Color Scheme.

In the GTK option, you can select any dark theme. I have installed MediterraneanNightDarkest for GTK2 and Ambiance-Graphite for GTK3. That's completely your choice, and I would always look forward to better choices from readers :)

Icon Theme:

In the Icons tab from System Settings → Application Appearance, click on Get New Themes button and install DarkFuture theme.

Thus, you are done!

Now you need to take care about your few icons. For your Konsole profile, see the screenshot :

Also, change the Kickoff Launcher icon:

For the final tweak, remember you can't easily change the wallpaper of your Screen Locker. Qiana KDE will always display you the Elarun wallpaper when you lock your screen. This looks really weird, as the Horus wallpaper looks far better. For this, simply make a backup of the Elarun wallpaper and replace Elarun with Horus. I hope this screenshot will demonstrate it :

Now when you lock up the screen, you get your usual Horus wallpaper:

Thus here is my Desktop after making all the configurations :

I hope you liked the looks of my desktop. Well, I am looking forward to improvements and suggestions, so don't forget to place your valuable comments below....Happy theming!


  1. Hello, i did everything like you wrote but my panel is still in white colour instead of this fancy one from ghost

  2. Oh, yes because you didn't change the Desktop theme in System Settings -> Workspace Appearance -> Desktop Theme. I missed that in my blog, but now I have updated it. Thankx for pointing out :)

  3. Great blog, learned so it!!!! :-D

    1. Thanks a lot, I will try my best to keep this blog updated as frequently as possible....

  4. did everything like you wrote but my panel is still in white and icons are still breeze apart from those in the menu

  5. I beyond dubiety revalue your articles and blogs free wordpress themes

  6. Hi Blue Dragon! First of all great blog! Found it by a coincidence.

    I really love this Tron Theme, however it seem to be a bit outdated for 2017. The download link to is not there anymore. Instead they refer to

    But i don't want to do any misstakes. So could you please do a full update of this tutorial to make sure that everything really is working properly?

    Another questien, it says linuxmint. Will this theme work on other distros to? Like ubuntu or Qubes for example?

    Thank's in advance!